Monday, January 11, 2016

More Info: Clean Eating Challenge

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Happy day one of the clean eating challenge!

As promised I have some more tips and a little bit of info for you today!

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Firstly, just a reminder that today is the start of the challenge! Are you with me?
Also remember this is not a diet.  Do not starve yourself, but do not stuff yourself.

The only difference between this challenge and any other week is that if you occasionally indulge, indulge in something else this week, like nice cream, and ace bowl, or whole grain toast with nut butter and/or jam. has a good list of options for meals and snacks.  There's also other helpful tips there as well.

A challenge is meant to be challenging, but think of how proud you will be afterwards.  Also how beneficial this is to your mind, body, and soul.

Good luck!  


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  1. Good Luck with your clean eating journey it changed my life! Happy 2016. xx

    Ashleigh |