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The Clean Eating Challenge

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I remembered reading an article on a magazine editor living like a Victoria's Secret model a while ago, its pretty interesting check it out here, and I recalled her talking about Sakura Life, a meal service that Lily Aldrige uses.  She raved about the food, so I decided to visit their website today.  I viewed their food and a sample menu, as well as a little bit of their story.  Everything sounded so delicious and wholesome.  I then checked the price, and calculated that a lunch meal would cost about $26.  But I was inspired by a challenge that they had, eating Sakura for four weeks, which inspired me to create a challenge that doesn't require you to shell out a thousand bucks(literally).

Hence the Clean Eating Challenge!

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Basically a (technically)five-day challenge to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.  Here's the guidelines:

Eat as clean and healthily as possible.  Do not think of it as giving up things, rather than treating your body better.
And that's it!  Don't worry I have some tips and pointers.

This is a lifestyle change so gradual is good; however, challenges are fun and accomplishments are amazing.  Plus you won't be giving up anything.  I'll post throughout the week with daily inspo and ideas.

I have started to eat healthier, and addition to noticing some positive physical changes in my body, I also feel healthier and more energized!  I don't crave junk anymore(which is so hard to believe, but trust me after a week or so, the cravings just like disappear).

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My Tips and Pointers:

I always used to love having eggs and pan-fried toast, but I did not like the groggy feeling I had after consuming all that oil.  Now I love oatmeal with sliced banana, almonds, and a drizzle of honey(and blueberries if we have any).  I love how it is so aesthetically pleasing, it tastes absolutely amazing, and it fills me up and keeps me full.  It also takes less time to prepare!

Smoothie Bowls are also delish, Source: gotta-be-skinny-for-me
More Breakfast options/ideas:
Smoothie Bowls
Fresh Fruit and Nut Butter
Whole-Grain Breads with Nut Butter or/and Jam

I used to eat pita chips, hummus, and dry-roasted almonds.  Then I moved to rice with seaweed, and then tamogoyaki and veggies.  I now like to get Trader Joe's salads, split them in half and pack them for school(I'm really small, and do not eat much, half a salad is like perfect for me).  Try to eat lots of veggies and fresh fruit for lunch.

Yummy looking salad, Source: doradaily(link also leads to recipe)
Other ideas/options:
spinach flatbread with roasted seasonal veggies
steamed broccoli, zucchini, and carrots and legume or meat
veggie starry with tofu
salads with a variety of vegetables and lots of other things

I still live with my parents so I eat whatever I'm feed.  But if I am still hungry I try to eat more vegetables rather than rice or noodles.

If you are cooking for yourself:
Be mindful.  Try to refrain from frying, and try to eat lots of vegetables!

I used to pack either nothing or like cookies.  Now I try to pack fresh fruit.  I have recently discovered that I love apples and peanut butter.  So I eat that a lot.  As for dessert, I used to eat dessert just to eat dessert, now I only eat it if I'm still hungry.  I love nice cream!  I have recently experimented with nice cream I like to through frozen bananas, berries, and mangoes into the food processor.  It's seriously life changing.  I'll make a post on it later in the week.

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Other ideas/options:
Natural Popcorn-sea salt, olive oil
Fresh Fruit
Dry Roasted or Raw nuts
Toast with Nut butter or/and jam

Join me in this challenge!  It officially/technically starts Monday, but don't binge on Sunday!  It's simply a ligistical issue.  So I'll also post tomorrow with any other advice or info I may have forgotten to give you.



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