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I am currently a freshman at UC Berkeley.  I applied to schools last year, and anything of relation to that is posted below if you find that helpful.  :)

I got into every school that I applied to.
I was accepted to(in chronological order):
San Francisco State
San Diego State
UC Davis
UC San Diego
UC Irvine
UC Santa Barbara
UC Berkeley
University of Michigan- Ann Arbor

If you were wondering what my student profile was, here it is.
Note: I live in California, UC stands for University of California.

School Type: Public Magnet
Size: Large

HS UW GPA: 4.0(not final, without senior year)
HS W GPA: 4.2(see above)
UCW(capped): 4.364
UCW: 4.545

SAT composite(2400 scale): 1720/1740
Reading: 520/550
Math: 610/630
Reading: 590/560

ACT composite: 25
English: 23
Math: 26
Reading: 26
Science: 25
English/Writing: 25

SAT Subject Tests:
US History: 590
Math 2: 720

AP Tests:
World History: 2
AP Art History: 3
AP English Language & Composition: 3
AP US History: 4
AP Calculus: 5
AP English Literature & Composition: 4
AP Physics C: Mechanics: 4
AP US Government & Politics: 3

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If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

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