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I am absolutely thrilled that you would like to use some of my content on your website, blog, or anything else for that matters.  Although I am highly flattered I, I do have a policy for all content and images taken from Glittery and Glam.  Please see the below categories for my usage policies.

Images & Pictures:
Images without a link to a Tumblr or other site
These are all images taken by a family member, close friend, or myself.  Please link the post that you found the image in, and either state "taken by Emily" or "taken by whomever I give photo credit to".  

Images with links to stores
Give all photo credit to the store site and link the post you found the image in if you also use my caption.  These are not my photos, so I cannot require you to link my blog unless you use my content.  This mostly applies to lust lists.

Images with links to Tumblrs
Similar to above.  Give photo credit to Tumblr Source(which I link).  Provide a link to my post if you use my caption.

Slideshow(right side of my blog, web version only):
If you would like to display my slideshow that I have complied together with all of my picture pics of the days you may!  I would be more than happy to give you the link so that you can put it on your blog/website.  Contact me at with the subject "GG Slideshow Permission" and link the website/blog you want to display it on in the email.

Writing Content:
Please quote any of my work, and provide a link to the post, do not simply write Glittery and Glam's post on the subject.  Most search engines will not be able to locate my posts.  Yahoo! cannot even find my blog when I write "",  kudos to Google for being able to find my blog when I type in the exact URL.

Questions about using things found on my blog?  Better safe than sorry, email me.

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