Friday, December 19, 2014

Glittery and Glam - The Transformation of "Marshmallows and Sparkles"

I have given "marshmallows and sparkles", an updated, more sophisticated look.  I believe that this blog should reflect who I am, and i believe that i have matured, so my blog should too.  I have taken away the full pink background, and settled for pink date backgrounds and a pink title.  The rest of the blog is white and soft gray to give it a modern sleek effect, that is much more sophisticated than my previous pink-out.  One of the biggest changes I have made to the blog is definitely the title.  This blog is no longer called "marshmallows and sparkles", it is now "glittery and glam".  I believe that this new title reflects who i am better than my previous title, which reflected a younger, less mature me.  I hope that you enjoy the new "marshmallows and sparkles", and the makeover it has received.  I will attempt to post more stuff soon.  I look forward to the future with "glittery and glam".


Saturday, December 13, 2014

This is Currently Not an Active Blog but Will Be Soon...

If you got here because of acadeca, please go away, this does not exist, it is simply a figment of your imagination.