Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Month in Pictures : October 2013

So I know I haven't posted in awhile but never the less here is a new series that I am starting up here on marshmallows and sparkles.
This month flew by.  I seriously thought that Halloween was in a couple weeks.  I really liked that it finally became time for sweater weather here in LA, and that Trader Joe's came out with their apple cider.  Although all the autumn leaves have not fallen yet, I still feel that winter is coming so fast.  With the month of October going by so fast, who knows how soon Thanksgiving is going to be.  I wish that fall would last just a little bit longer, but then again I don't because I love the holidays and Christmas and all.  Alot if people have already decorated for Christmas and I fell left out from all of the amazingness.  My mom won't let me put up decorations until after Thanksgiving!  Anyways here are a few pictures from October.  Bye! 
~ cotton

or one... 
so I didn't take a lot of pictures this month that I can show you, a lot off pictures are with my friends so I don't want to post them on here.  But you can enjoy a lovely picture of some macaroons that I ate.  They were amazing, my favourites were the salted caramel, pistachio, and the apricot ones.

Other Faves:
honey nut Cheerios
"royals" by Lorde
infinity scarves
combat boots
my fuzzy pink blanket
pumpkin biscotti
chocolate covered almonds

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Thursday, October 17, 2013


so i finally figured out how to use tumblr.  Well sort of, i never go on there or anything but mine is cottondandelion.  So yeah check it out if you want to.  i think i posted about mean girls.. anyways yeah bye.
~ cotton

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Falling into piles of leaves

well hello there everyone! so I'm finally making a blog post... Anyways I hope you are all having a lovely fall so far an I decided to talk about fall today.  Fall is usually marked by the start of school, but because some weirdo decided it would be best to start in the middle of summer fall is now marked by the change of weather.  Contradictory to that, it still feels like summer here in LA, even though it is "fall".  One of the hardest things to do here in LA is figuring out the seasons.  The weather here is very weird, it feels like summer in the winter, and like winter in the middle of summer.  Since the weather varies day by day there is no marker to the start and end of each season.  Another hard thing to do is to figure out what is appropriate to wear, with the crazy weather.  When it felt like fall here I was able to wear fall clothes, like sweaters, scarves, and boots.  but when it is very hot, like in the high 70's, I would rather wear shirts as in a t-shirt.  fall is also called "sweater weather", but that doesn't always work out here in LA.  One of my favourite things about fall is apple cider, or more specifically caramel apple cider.  I make my own caramel apple cider by heating up "spiced cider" from Trader Joe's and then mixing in the most amazing caramel sauce in the world, the fleur de seul caramel from trader joe's.  Now unfortunately, Trader Joe's carries spiced cider as a seasonal drink, and the last time my mother went  there they didn't have any, which is terrible because now I can't drink caramel apple cider.  Another great thing about the change of season is redecorating.  today I was very productive and put up fall lights in my room and cleaned my room, because I don't follow the trend "spring cleaning", it's more like "whenever I feel like it cleaning".  I also decided to paint my nails because they looked terrible, I opted for fallish shades.  I also like that the leaves are all pretty during the fall time.  one thing that a lot of people like about fall is that Starbucks has pumpkin spice drinks.  I plan to try this hopefully this season, but because at the beginning of summer I told myself that I was going to try the cotton candy frap and never got around to it, I don't know how much I should trust myself with this one.  Anyways I hope you are all having a wonderful fall so far and I hope you have a wonderful day! Bye! 
~ emily (or cotton which ever one you call me)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

this isn't mean girls

bloglovin.  What is bloglovin anyways? 

Hi guys! what's up this is cotton as u have already probably figured and today I decided to do a really informal blog post. Think a vlog or YouTube video written out.  Anyways this is going to be full of randomness so yeah.  Anyways, I just finished all my homework for today and I decided to work on my blog.  Since I haven't really done that in a while.  Anyways, first of all what happened to me and my "oh I'm going to post on the weekends!" thing.  Well I really don't know.  So sorry about that but enough of that I decided to do a tag because this is a YouTube video inspired blog post isn't it.  And what is more YouTube video than a tag? (except cat videos of course).  So may I present to you the 10 things you probably didn't know about me TAG!!!

1. I ice skate and I have landed a double axel (in the harness)

2. The only place out of the US i have been was Germany (I went when I was in kindergarten)

3. I played violin for 8 years before I quit in 8th grade (blame it on the parents) sorry mom and dad

4. I have never ever had a Starbucks frappacinno (to myself) 

5. I am the absolute worst at learning names on the spot

6. I have weird philosophies to life

7. I believe that anyone will be able to be who they want to be they just have to get rid of the person taking that spot (don't actually follow this it's not a philosophy it's a belief

8. My actual name is emily (suprise suprise) my friends call me cotton because of their AP US H teacher.  and I actually like the name cotton. :)

9. I love being organized but I'm to lazy to stay organized for long periods I time 

10. I really love to bake (too bad I'm afraid of heat aka fire or the oven)

And that's 10 facts that you didn't know about me but now you do know!  I hope you enjoyed this informal blog post and I will post again soon. Bye!

{cheerful music} 
still in that YouTube video theme



Monday, July 22, 2013

What is my summer like?

Well it is obviously the summer of a dream.  I mean just look at the list of things I have done!

• Gone on a 2-week road trip to the most boring places in the world
•Gone to music camp! Yay!

•Read Confessions of a Shopaholic! yay!

•Finished my mandarin homework yay!

•Finished more than half of the most boring book in the world, Marco Polo, and btw I do not recommend reading it

•Worked on math homework (whoopie)

•Read one page of my summer reading assignment (hooray!)

• Procrastinated on writing a book report
• Went to a week of skating camp 

• Volunteered at VBS

• Went to the Nordstrom anniversary sale and got a lot of fall clothes. Yay!

and drumroll...
• Have never gone a day without being told to do my homework

So as you can tell from above, I have been having the most ideal summer I could ask for.  For those of you who have not caught on to how sarcastic I am being right now, I'm just going to tell you : sarcasm.  Here is my list of things that I would have rather done.

•Slept in everyday and have a latte and oatmeal

• Gone to the beach and relaxed
• Gone on a SUMMER vacation to fun places!

•Had done more shopping!

• Spent time with my besties (Mellia, Lily, &Andrew)

• Cleanteth my room and organized 
• Done DIY projects
• Worked out w/ Lily 
•I still love the Nordstrom sale!

Yeah that's my actual ideal summer.  Anyways I hope you enjoyed that and all and I guess I will write to you guys soon. 
❤ Emily

Notes: My family went to many national parks this summer on our vacation.  Let me just tell you, I hate national parks.  I am also not in summer school, my school just likes to torture it's students by giving them loads of homework over the summer.   The full title of Marco Polo, is Marco Polo : From Venice to Xandau.  I went to Arrowbear Music Camp, which is located between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear.  I attended the Choral session. Mandarin is one of the many languages spoken in China and Taiwan, as well as other places.

Writer's Block

hi everyone!
So I am officially on a writers block.  I can't think I anything to write of.  I always write a title and then when I go to write something I have nothing to write about.  So I decided to write this.  The end.
❤ Emily

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I like unicorns!

I like unicorns!
I was so excited when I found a unicorn shirt at the Nordstrom pre-sale yesterday.
So yeah.
❤ Emily


I love food!  Today I had taiyaki for the first time.  It is basically a pancake molded like a fish with red bean paste in the middle.  It is really good.
I also had a spam musubi that I got at the obon festival where is where I also got my taiyaki.

I also went to Yogurtland today with a few friends.
I tried the green tea frozen yogurt for the first time.  It was good, and I always usually get the vanilla frozen yogurt, and put mochi and animal crackers on top!

     Mine is the one closest to the front.

I also recently discovered this app called I'maunicorn.  It's pretty amazing.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

❤ Emily

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013


Hi!  So I have been working on a lot of projects lately, one being my summer homework unfortunately.  Anyways I plan to create a new blog with more interesting posts and stuff.  I plan to post every weekend and some occasional other times.  I still will keep this blog up of course, but it will turn into a diary like blog.  I won't write a lot on here once I create a new blog but I will not delete this blog.  Now for the big news!  I created a Facebook group called "The Sparkly Unicorn Association" it has an Eiffel Tower symbol.  Though the group is closed, to join simply "join" the group and it will send me the request.  Then I will message you (although this all happening is unlikely but hey a girl can dream) and then you will respond with the magic word "fairy dreamer".  Then I will know that you read my blog so you can join!  I will post frequently in the group! if you guys have any ideas for a new blog name I would love to know it!  So would you pretty please leave it in the comments below?  Thank you so much! So yeah that is all for right now and I hope I will post very soon!

xoxo Emily

Saturday, June 22, 2013


I decided to answer a few questions that may be asked in the future.

Q: what is

A: I created this blog to write about things I love and to keep sort of like a record of my high school years.

Q: Who is in the team?

A: Me.  I had originally planned to work on this blog with many people but I don't think that's going to happen.  So don't expect to see a lot of posts from "the team".

Q: Does marshmallowsandsparkles mean anything?
A: Not really.  This blog is about things I love, so I decided to name it after the 2 things that I love most.

If you have any questions simply comment below my first post.

xoxo Emily

Favorites of The Month:June 2k13

Hi!  June is almost over :( it went so fast. Now for my favorites of the month.

Food:Macaroni and Cheese
-I was on vacation for the past 2 weeks and I swear I ate so much Mac and Cheese.

Sweet:The Classic Vanilla Ice-Cream
-I fell back in love with a classic!

Clothing Item:Stem Shirts
-I lived in these this month!  They are so soft and comfortable but they look like a normal shirt.

Beauty Item:EOS lip balm
-I was on the road for most of the trip so lip balm is alot more convenient than lip butters are.  The EOS lip balms are amazing!

-I didn't really wear any jewelry this month!  But I think I wore this ring twice, but I love it!

Scent:The smell of my house
-When I opened the door to my house after my vacation I fell in love with it!  I have never really appreciated the nice smell of my house but now I definitely do.

-I live in flip-flops during the summer and I love these simple brown ones, they're so comfy!

Nail Polish:Essie's Camera
-It's a super neon pink, it just screams summer!

App:Bakery Story
-Before I went on vacation and during finals week, I was addicted to this game. Which was not a good thing considering Bakery Story can be a very time consuming game.  If you have a bakery please leave your user name in the comments I would love to be neighbors with you!

Blog:Cupcakes and Cashmere
-This is my all-time favorite blog ever.  I didn't have alot a free time this month so I didn't really search for new blogs.

YouTube Channel:???
-it's a mixture, I have been liking stilababe09, Elle Fowler, and macbarbie07.

-its definitely one of the simpler trends, and I like that.

Inspirational Phrase:Young, Wild, and Free
-I think that as a younger person I should be more crazy in what I choose to do, I feel like I have this certain freedom right now that might go away.

What were your favorites of the month?
xoxo Emily

me on social media today

Instagram: marshmallows_sparkles
from @xiaoxiaosparkles "re post from @marshmallows_sparkles"

And as always email me at for business inquires only.

And for all other contact or questions please comment below my very first post.

:) ~SMILE~ 
xoxo Emily

Summer 2013 Top Ten

Every summer I always want to do something, but I never end up doing it.  For example, last summer, last summer I wanted to organize my room, but I didn't because I had too much homework.  So my goal for this summer is to accomplish all of the things on my top ten list.

My Summer Top Ten:
 1. Read 3 books (at least) *
 2. Have a lemonade stand **
 3. Go to Disneyland
 4. Have a do nothing day
 5. Maintain a healthy diet and workout
 6. Drink Water
 7. Try out some new products
 8. Keep in touch with friends
 9. Go to the Beach
10. Go shopping with Lily***  
Note 7/23/15: I found this to be enough like a lust list to be in the "Lust List" category of posts.

* I've recently joined GoodReads, and I really like it.  It's a great site to find a good book to read.

** I saw in a menu once, that there was this organization that sent you stuff to have a lemonade stand (except the actual lemonade) and then you could send back everything and the money that you raised and it is helps children with cancer!
***Lily is one of my very good friends I promised her that I would go shopping with her during the school year.

I hope you liked this post!  What's your top ten summer list? 
xoxo Emily

Why Hello There

What a perfect time to write a blog post.  So it's 1:36 am right now and I can't sleep.  I don't know why, I really don't.  I am writing something to read to my friends tomorrow and I think that I am also going to post it here.  Anyways, I have just come back from a 2-week vacation.  My family and I went through Oregon and Washington and back.  My birthday is coming up and I'm super excited.  I want to do something, like something that actually is something.  I want to like start something.  Maybe I will finally start a style blog like I have wanted to for years.  Or maybe I'll start a food blog or maybe something different. Something that has never been done before.  I will write a summer top ten soon probably in a few minutes actually.  Anyways, my mind isn't thinking of anything else so bye.
xoxo Emily
The picture above was taken by me at the grove of the patriots in Mount Rainer in Washington.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Links I love!

Links I love!
 1. i love this website Emily Schuman is amazing and she writes about food, decor, and fashion!

2. okay YouTube is one of my biggest addictions.  My favorite people on YouTube currently are missglamorazzi and other beauty gurus.

3. okay this website is amazing.  just check it out.

4. My friend's blogs!!!! (mellia) and (kiersten)

5. their website is amazing you can get alot of inspiration!

Check out all of the links above and tell me your favorite links in the comments!

~ Emily

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break?

Hi everyone!!!
so this week is spring break. For my spring break I have been going to musical rehearsals and working on my homework. I thought I was sick on Thursday night so I didn't finish my homework. And I still have not finished Thursdays homework. While other people are having fun in the Bahamas I get to do my homework and a report and stay an essay. Fun. right? Well I hope your spring break is going wonderfully today is the last day of spring break rehearsals so I'm going to try to finish all of my homework so I can have somewhat of a real spring break.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Water Wednesday

note: My blog has been a fail. I haven't posted anything in a long time. I'm sorry about that. Remember that you can always find me on Instagram @marshmallows_sparkles (please follow :) ) and on Pinterest user name: aimeiluvsu. Lately I have been posting one photo a day on Instagram. and I pin frequently on Pinterest.

Water is an essential to life. That includes yours! Follow these steps to smartly use water in your life.

1. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day
2. Don't waste water.
3. Water a plant.

How do you use water in your life?


Saturday, January 19, 2013


I know I haven't posted a blog post in a long time but I have been posting pictures on Instagram. My Instagram name is marshmallows_sparkles.
- Emily

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Glitter On : Les Miserables

So if you read the post by the team before this one you know that I went to see Les Miserables. So I decided to do my first movie review in this format, so I hope you like it and if you have any suggestions feel free to leave them as comments down below.

Movie : Les Miserables

Main Actors : Hugh Jackson, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Steinfield

Age Group: Definitely 13 and up but I think that most 12 year olds could see it

Rating: 8/10

Extra Thoughts: this movie is super sad, but it is really good and the music is amazing!

Who It's For: Any broadway fanatic, lover of music, or drama lover

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Where To Find Other Fun Stuff!

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You can contact her for business inquires only at 
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Website Design?

Hey guys! So hopefully by tomorrow I will have all of the following changes in place:
•a new contributor :)
•have all of my side bars things working
• a better looking home page
•pages within this blog
But until then I wanted to show you something that's going to go on the bottom of every post from now on!

Ten Reasons You Should Talk Less And Listen More

Top Ten Reasons You Should Talk Less and Listen More:
1. You will learn so much more
2. You will build better relationships
3. Your friends will love you for it
4. Your voice will thank you
5. Secrets won't slip out so easily
6. Your attitude will change and improve
7. It's a simple change that makes a huge impact
8. It's an easy resolution (in my opinion)
9. Your teachers won't get mad at you as often (if they usually get mad at you for talking)
10. It's essential to make small sacrifices to improve the already amazing person you are!
So try it out! Are you going to try talking less and listening more?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking Back : 2012

2012 was a very interesting year here is a look back in photos.

Me at the beginning of 2012

Trying out Instagram

In San Francisco

Started an addiction to hot cocoa

Went to arches

The last day of 2012  


Regarding all college related stuff, all of my posts belong to me and are written exclusively by me, which is evidenced by the large amount of grammatical errors that can be found throughout my blog.

I am voluntarily sharing all of this information so please be respectful and mindful.

I have realized that by putting links to various shops and websites some people might suspect me of posting affiliate links opposed to just normal links.

TRUTH : No one reads this blog, therefore the likelihood of sponsorships is very low.  I truly just really love or admire the sites I post on the right side of my blog(web version only).

I have no affiliation with anyone. Every post and word on this blog is not sponsored.

It says powered by Blogger at the bottom because I used Blogger to create this blog, and every time I post things.

I will try my best to give credit to photographers when I can.  If I got a picture from Tumblr I will provide the source.  If I obtain a picture from Instagram I will provide the user that posted it to the best of my ability.

If there is a copyright or watermark on a picture I will leave it and not alter the image to get rid of it.

This is not a professionally created blog, I am literally using blogger to the best of my abilities.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

FDA : This post was not sponsored.

All pictures, excluding screen grabs and movie stills, without any credit were taken by me.

Note: I didn't want the disclosure post to be in-between new content, so I put it in an old post, hence the different URL.  This was actually published on July 7, 2015, and updated on May 29, 2017.

Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!  Today i am really excited to watch the rose parade and eat traditional Japanese food.  But, before that i wanted to share with you some of my resolutions for 2013!
1.Finish Cleaning up my room-i always start things but seem to never finish them
2.Eat Healthier-this was on my list last year but it didn't really come through
3.Be More Active-Get up and do something other then watching Spongebob on Netflix
4.Be more Open to New People-I am usually really shy when it comes to meeting new people
5.Talk Less Listen More-These are words to live by in 2013, aka i talk way too much
I hope i follow through with all of my resolutions, good luck with yours!