Saturday, June 22, 2013

Favorites of The Month:June 2k13

Hi!  June is almost over :( it went so fast. Now for my favorites of the month.

Food:Macaroni and Cheese
-I was on vacation for the past 2 weeks and I swear I ate so much Mac and Cheese.

Sweet:The Classic Vanilla Ice-Cream
-I fell back in love with a classic!

Clothing Item:Stem Shirts
-I lived in these this month!  They are so soft and comfortable but they look like a normal shirt.

Beauty Item:EOS lip balm
-I was on the road for most of the trip so lip balm is alot more convenient than lip butters are.  The EOS lip balms are amazing!

-I didn't really wear any jewelry this month!  But I think I wore this ring twice, but I love it!

Scent:The smell of my house
-When I opened the door to my house after my vacation I fell in love with it!  I have never really appreciated the nice smell of my house but now I definitely do.

-I live in flip-flops during the summer and I love these simple brown ones, they're so comfy!

Nail Polish:Essie's Camera
-It's a super neon pink, it just screams summer!

App:Bakery Story
-Before I went on vacation and during finals week, I was addicted to this game. Which was not a good thing considering Bakery Story can be a very time consuming game.  If you have a bakery please leave your user name in the comments I would love to be neighbors with you!

Blog:Cupcakes and Cashmere
-This is my all-time favorite blog ever.  I didn't have alot a free time this month so I didn't really search for new blogs.

YouTube Channel:???
-it's a mixture, I have been liking stilababe09, Elle Fowler, and macbarbie07.

-its definitely one of the simpler trends, and I like that.

Inspirational Phrase:Young, Wild, and Free
-I think that as a younger person I should be more crazy in what I choose to do, I feel like I have this certain freedom right now that might go away.

What were your favorites of the month?
xoxo Emily

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