Friday, December 23, 2016

First Semester Recap

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Hello all!

I have survived my first semester at Cal!  I realized that I was basically MIA throughout the entire semester, so I decided to do a little recap of the entire semester.  Enjoy!

The week/night before move in day: Around August 20
I was not good at packing, I think I explained this here.  Anyways, my parents and I drove up north the day before move-in day and we stayed in Dublin I believe.  I had a very hard time sleeping, I hardly got any sleep, I think it was all of the anxiety.  Anyways, we drove an hour further north to get to Berkeley after having a lovely hotel continental breakfast(I had an afternoon move-in time).  I met my roommates and we took a roommate picture(it was all very awkward).

The First Day of School:
I had a very busy first day of school.  I was waitlisted on two classes and wanted to audition for a theatre class.  I thought that I had to go to my math discussion, so I woke up at 7am and while I was eating breakfast I checked my email to see that discussion was cancelled.  But all was well because I had an astronomy discussion at 9.  I also went to a CogSci lecture for a class I ended up dropping, and then to my theatre audition.  Then I went to Crossroads for lunch, and then back to campus for my math and astronomy lecture.  I was exhausted by the end of the day so I went to bed at 10, and did not do my math homework for the day.

Study Situation:
So I mostly studied in my room, until I found the north reading room(ironically by mistake).  BTW the North Reading room became a daily stop eventually(it took a little while).

The North Reading Room, isn't it pretty?
I really liked it because it had a nice atmosphere, large tables, and always available seats.  I also liked the other reading room in Doe/Bancroft which had an absolutely gorgeous ceiling.
It's gorgeous you guys

The tables are darling here as well
It's just so nice
Of course I also found this library by mistake, but I owe it tons.  I wrote a lot of my comp lit essays in  there.  Also during dead week, knowing of nice libraries that aren't that crowded is very important.

I got an interview for this one consulting club on campus, and probably did really badly in the case interview, but I wouldn't know because I didn't know what a case interview was until I was there.  Btws, I'm not in the club.  I did however join the skating team(club sport), and that's basically the only thing that I'm involved in on campus.

Expectations: Oatmeal and lemon water for breakfast.
Reality: Trader Joe's Granola and Almond milk for breakfast
Yeah, I was super optimistic and though that I was going to make oatmeal every morning, obviously that did not end up working out.  I was always the first one up, and eventually I didn't even have time to eat breakfast in the room in the morning.  At the beginning of the semester I always got a hummus wrap at GBC, but it never filled me up, so I switched to a burrito bowl with lettuce, brown rice, beans, and guac.  At first I got pico de gillo, but that was too spicy for me.  When I was starting to run out of meal points at the end of the semester, I did without the guac.  Dinner was usually at Crossroads, but toward the end of the semester one of my roommates and I made the trek over to Cafe 3 for shorter lines, less crowdedness, and better quality food.

GBC, or Golden Bear Cafe

Cafe 3, it looks super fancy in this pic
Recap:  I did okay, I didn't fail anything, my GPA isn't that horrible.  I hated my astronomy class that's supposed to be a famous Berkeley class.  I loved my theatre 10 class, I learned so much.  I discovered parts of campus mostly by mistake.  I drank a lot(too much) boba.  And I visited Trader Joes a lot.  Here's to a good second semester!


Picture Pic of the Day
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Monday, December 19, 2016

Winter Time ~

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It's been a long time since I last posted.  I'm home now, and I have survived my first semester at Berkeley(whoot whoot).  It's so nice to be back in LA for the holidays.  Hopefully I can keep these blogs a little more updated, and maybe even share a few of my stories from college.  I'm looking forward to the holiday season, and to go christmas shopping tomorrow morning.  Take care!