Monday, November 14, 2016


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Dear all,
This weekend I had a lot of ideas come to my head.  First I sort of figured out what my back-up major to my totally unstable current capped major was going to be.  I guess I'm now going to take sociology next semester.  I was inspired by one of the girl's on the figure skating team's bios.  It says that she's a sociology major with a focus in marketing and entrepreneurship, which is basically business(in my mind).  So yeah, I guess I'm doing sociology now.

Then because I am currently really bored, because everything I want to work on right now I can't(due to circumstances on which I have to rely on other people for).  I decided to go on reality steve and look at the initial reveals of the guys on Jojo's season.  Then I moved on to the girls on Ben's season.  I already knew that Lauren B. used to be a flight attendant, but I did not know that she also had a B.A. in Business Management(aka what I'm sort of kinda of looking towards pursuing).  I was like wow, I could do that.  That's when I realized that I could do that.  I could become a flight attendant after college.

On another note, I am coming home for Thanksgiving, and I am so excited.  The other day when my grandmother called me, and told me that she wished I was coming home for Thanksgiving, I said the same thing.  And then today I get a phone call from my parents asking if I want to come home.  Apparently my grandmother had been calling my parents and relaying this information to them.

Anyways yeah, this was kind of random, but I really felt the urge to make a blog post about it.  Until next time, wish me luck with this week.



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Thursday, November 3, 2016

So I'm alive...

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Good Morning Upper East Siders, I mean uhhh.....

So....oh yeah.  I'm aliveeeeeee.

So I started college a few months ago, and my last post was before I had even left for Berkeley.  And now I'm more than halfway through my first semester.  I was also reading through my blog, and I realized that I forgot to tell you guys(probs just me) some stuff over the summer, but oh well, maybe I'll post later, but it's completely irrelevant at the moment,

I just went on tumblr for like the first time since I got here, so that says a lot about how much free time I have now, compared to when I was in high school.  I think I have adjusted well, living wise.  It doesn't feel weird, it feels normal.  Although I cannot wait to go back to LA for winter break.  I already had my first set of midterms over a month ago, and I have my last one on Monday.  Oh how time flies.

A little while ago I finally decide to go visit the libraries, and that was quite interesting.  Now you can expect to find me in the North Reading room after my classes, or during my long break.

Oh my god how life has changed.  I even had my Phase 1 for next semester yesterday.  I remember when I was freaking out for my Phase 1 before CalSo.  And just a heads up, it's just as stressful!

I still have an assignment to do, and a play to read for tomorrow, but this felt like a good time to post a little update to my beloved little blog.  I actually went on here for some inspiration for my assignment, but I had a sudden urge to add some new content.  Hopefully I can write some new content this weekend all about my experiences so far here at Cal.

And to the high school seniors applying to colleges this month (I'm looking at you UC applicants) good luck!  And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Oh dear GG, how I have missed you...


~Emily <3

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