Monday, November 14, 2016


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Dear all,
This weekend I had a lot of ideas come to my head.  First I sort of figured out what my back-up major to my totally unstable current capped major was going to be.  I guess I'm now going to take sociology next semester.  I was inspired by one of the girl's on the figure skating team's bios.  It says that she's a sociology major with a focus in marketing and entrepreneurship, which is basically business(in my mind).  So yeah, I guess I'm doing sociology now.

Then because I am currently really bored, because everything I want to work on right now I can't(due to circumstances on which I have to rely on other people for).  I decided to go on reality steve and look at the initial reveals of the guys on Jojo's season.  Then I moved on to the girls on Ben's season.  I already knew that Lauren B. used to be a flight attendant, but I did not know that she also had a B.A. in Business Management(aka what I'm sort of kinda of looking towards pursuing).  I was like wow, I could do that.  That's when I realized that I could do that.  I could become a flight attendant after college.

On another note, I am coming home for Thanksgiving, and I am so excited.  The other day when my grandmother called me, and told me that she wished I was coming home for Thanksgiving, I said the same thing.  And then today I get a phone call from my parents asking if I want to come home.  Apparently my grandmother had been calling my parents and relaying this information to them.

Anyways yeah, this was kind of random, but I really felt the urge to make a blog post about it.  Until next time, wish me luck with this week.



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