Sunday, June 26, 2016


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Summer Greetings!

Ahhhh the crisp sounds and smells of summer.  I love waking up and hearing the birds chirp on my way to the bathroom.  Drinking lemon water and eating my oats slowly is one of the many simple pleasures of a summer morning for me.  I had planned to have a relaxing summer, before all of the hecticness of college starts, but plans do change.  But until then I'll spend my summer days cleaning up my room, planning and organizing for college, and learning how to type(I'll keep you updated on that).  I probably should start posting consistently as well!



Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer is here!

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Last week I graduated high school, and I'm pretty sure that that has not sunk in yet, because otherwise I would probably be in hysterics.  It's so crazy to think that I'm done with high school, and in the fall I'm going to be up at Berkeley.

I had a crazy week last week.  Wednesday was grad night, I had a fabulous time although the only picture I took was of a Mickey-shaped beignet(shown below) because I was trying to conserve my phone battery.  My bus was the last to leave the parking lot and I did not get home until 4.  But luckily for me, I had to be at school at 8:30 for graduation rehearsal because I was set to graduate that day.  Consequently I got sick, and I was very sick Saturday and Sunday, and I'm still recovering.  So I have not done much this summer, and the start of summer has been quite dreadful.

My Mickey-shaped beignet(it was very good)
I have started to prepare for college by looking for bedding and trying to figure out my 3 prospective majors.  I hope to have a productive summer at home this year.  I want to learn how to type(correctly), improve my penmanship, as well as other fun and useful things.

Have a great summer!

xoxo E
(I finished Gossip Girl and kinda restarted it too)

Thursday, June 2, 2016


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Hello again,
So I've been MIA for a month, and I apologize for that.  Next week I graduate from high school, and in August I start school at Berkeley, which all still seems crazy for me.  I will go up to Berkeley for orientation in July, but other than that I thought my summer was going to be a calm, stay at home, kind of summer.  Then I realized that with all of my brother's music camps, I have to travel all over Southern California to attend his concerts.

Prom was fun.  Although a wax museum isn't exactly the most ideal location, it was nice.  I attended with a small group of friends and walked away with a crown.  Yay for prom princess!

Next week I also get to go to Disneyland for Grad Night!  I haven't been in so long, so I'm super excited for that.  These last couple of weeks have been surprisingly hectic, with two video finals to film, one of which I had to edit.  These week was the first calm week I've had in a while.  I've been able to watch lots of Gossip Girl and start to plan for college.

Although my high school career has been anything but perfect, I am eternally grateful for the experience that I had.  I have met so many amazing and inspiring people, as well as quite original characters.  You can't change the past, so might as well embrace it.  I'll just say that high school was so much better than middle school...

Yesterday I took about 100 pictures in a last minute attempt to submit a picture for my ID(the deadline was yesterday), so that was fun.  Today will be my last hurrah of putting together something that should have been done long ago.  Hopefully it won;t be too long until I write again.



UC Berkeley Class of 2020!!!


Note: This was originally written on 4/13/16, but I forgot to post it.

I finally did it.  I committed to Berkeley on Monday and omigod am I excited.  I'm both excited and scared.  This is a scary, yet exciting time for me.  I am currently in the process of finding roommates and omigod it's all becoming so real.

This journey truly has been a whirlwind and a journey, I still need to compose my college confidential update.  I hope that they won't hate me for all of eternity.  Currently I'm just focusing on finishing up my senor year, and holding out until the end of AP testing.  I'm taking 4 AP tests this year, and I really hope to pass all of them, so I need start up a study plan.

Either than that I'm looking into the different dorms at Berkeley.  I'm also considering taking some college classes over the summer, but I need to look into Berkeley's policies for that.