Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Links I Love

Tumblr Source: witanddelight
Inspired by the blogging queen, Cupcakes and Cashmere founder Emily Schuman's weekly series, here are some of the links that I am loving right now.

1. A 20-Minute Ab Workout You're Going to Get Addicted to
The title seems like a stretch, but I really need some motivation to start working out again.  I know that pilates is great for your core, so hopefully this will motivate me into strengthening my core(which is good for posture and all sorts of things).

2. 12 Places We Love on LA's Westside
Living in LA and being all around LA born and raised, I always love reading articles about places in LA.  It is always intriguing to see where the hip and trendy places are, sometimes they are in places where I frequent, I like to think of them as hidden little gems.

3. 7 Beautiful Restaurants with Pretty Plant-Based Wallpaper
I am not even sure why this is an article, but I love the concept.  All of the restaurants are so pretty, and I love how they were grouped together because of their wallpaper.  So many of the places are in LA, but there is such a variety of different types of food.

4. Why are Donut Boxes Pink?
I was not aware that donut boxes could not be pink before I read this article.  Apparently in places other than SoCal the boxes are other colors?  I remember that for a musical that I did in high school, we solved our donut dilemma by opting to get a pink box to represent donuts, instead of having to buy fresh donuts every weekend.

5. 16 Epic Trips Every Group of Friends Should Take in Their Lifetime
I am definitely adding some(okay maybe most) of these locations to my travel list.

6. The 25-Year-Old Behind the Museum of Ice Cream
An article on the founder of the Museum of Ice Cream that is currently in LA.  I have heard so much about this place and it is so fascinating to read about the origins of such a cultural phenomenon.

7. A Week in Los Angeles on a $68,000 Salary
The post that started my obsession with the series.  I did a post about it here.

Such a good spring cleaning list—very thorough.  However, I would advise against throwing away loose change, it's money after all; if you really don't want to deal with it throw it into a tip jar at your favorite cafe or coffee shop.

9. How to Transform Your Self-Doubt into Self Belief in Seven Simple Steps
Inspiring article to motivate everyone to achieving their goals, and most importantly believing in themselves.



Picture Pic of the Day
Getting so many dreamy vibes from this restaurant, Tumblr Source: oddorch

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spring Semester Recap

A picture of the campanile that I took after dropping off my last math homework assignment
Hello all!

I am so happy(and proud) to say that I have successfully finished my second semester at UC Berkeley.  I can happily say that I learned a lot this semester, both intellectually and about myself.  So lets get on with the recap, shall we?

Broccoli, Rice Pilaf, and Mushroom(I preferred the Sriracha tofu) from Pat Browns
Study Situation:
Let's just say that at first I was on a roll.  I went to the library between classes and after school until my roommate came back, at which point I would meet her for dinner at Cafe 3.  But then we stopped going to Cafe 3 because her friend moved from Unit 3 to Unit 1(where we all resided).  So for some reason I stopped going to the library after school.  Additionally, I had an increase in meetings and events after classes.  I was really good at going to the library between my classes MWF until after spring break hit/when I decided to skip a class to study more for another class' midterm(in reality I just slept in an extra hour or two).  I picked up my library habits again just in time for dead week(maybe also out of necessity).  However, I had such a good time studying at Pat Browns with my friend one day, that I went back virtually every single day that I could.  Pat Browns has something called the "flipped plate" in which you get to choose two sides and one add-on(protein).  It was great, and I was so mad at myself for never forcing myself to walk all the way over to where Pat Browns is located, because their food is way better than the lunches I was getting at GBC(Golden Bear Cafe).

My favorite photo that I took and edited for the business association that I joined this semester
I joined a business association this semester and served on a committee.  Throughout most of the semester I just saw the club as a huge time commitment(in my defense it was compared to what I was used to), but towards the end I saw how beneficial it was.  I met a lot of new people and I really developed my business and professional skills.  I also was forced to coffee chat people, through which I actually learned a lot!  I applied for a chair position, and unfortunately did not get it, but it's okay, because that would have been a nightmare scheduling issue.

Doesn't Cinnaholic look so good? It is so good, just looking at them makes me want one | Source: Yelp
I loved Pat Browns, and am so sad that I'm most likely not going to have meal points next semester to spend at Pat Browns.  I really loved their almond butter toast on whole grain bread(breakfast item) and they have steamed broccoli and sweet potato fries!  They also can actually make lattes, for some reason GBC just really sucks at making lattes/coffee in general.  They also have a huge indoor seating area that is perfect and ideal for studying.  During dead week I would rush over to Pat Browns so that I could get breakfast(only served until 10:30am) and stay through lunch and until it closed.  I really just loved their food.  It is all organic, local, and healthy(well healthier than most on campus dining options).  I also really loved Sliver this semester.  I actually have really missed Sliver since moving back to LA for the summer, it's just so good!  I usually get a whole vegan pizza, and just have that for lunch and dinner for a few days.  Their pesto sauce is so good!  I also really enjoyed Cinnaholic (vegan cinnamon rolls).  It is great, you can customize your cinnamon roll with their different icings and toppings, and then it is served to you warm! 10/10 definitely recommend!!!

Tumblr Source: thingspiration
Oh Berkeley, one of the only places where there is literally a boba place for every block.  This semester I became really obsessed with UCafe and their ceylon black tea(so good).  I have the business association I was in to thank for this obsession(I was invited to go get boba here after an event by one of my floor mates).  I usually order an iced ceylon black tea, half sweet, 80% ice, with boba.  It takes awhile for them to prepare it because they actually brew the tea, but it is so worth it, and so much more convenient than Asha(cheaper too).  There are always deals for UCafe on Hooked(an app that has deals for food and drinks around campus) and they have a rewards program!  One week I was really bad and had UCafe for like three days in a row, and possibly 5 times that week(oops).  BTW for incoming freshman that have a boba addiction, this place is dangerous because it is literally less than a block away from Unit 1.

Trees near the campanile
Recap: Overall I think that this was a pretty good semester.  I was already settled in, so adjusting wasn't as bad, but it was a little hard to adjust to more reading intensive courses.  I think that if I had to do this semester over again, I would definitely try to keep up with my reading more, because after having to do all of the readings before finals, I realized that the readings were not that bad(content and time wise).  I would definitely go to the library and cafes more, because I am not productive at my desk until way too late at night.  I am hopeful for the upcoming semester, and hope that my apartment situation works out.



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The cutest and fluffiest doggos, Tumblr Source: wearblacktobrunch

Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day!

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Hello all!

Cheers to the long weekend!!! Today my family and I are going to visit the cemetery.  I hope that you all have had a relaxing long weekend, hopefully with a fun barbecue to kick off the start of summer.

I love that all of the berries and cherries are now in season, but I cannot wait until peaches and nectarines are as well because those are my all-time favorite fruits.  I hope that you are ready, because I am coming at this week strong with a week full of blog posts.  I am super pumped to kick off hopefully my first successful blog posting week in quite some time, are you ready, because I am not quite sure if I am.

Have a great memorial day, thank you to all of those that have served us.



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Thursday, May 25, 2017

What I'm Loving

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Hello all!

Today when I was on LinkedIn to get some information that I needed for a job application, I stumbled upon this online editorial series that I found really intriguing.  It is Refinery29's "Money Diaries" series, and it is just fascinating.  It is basically a diary of different women, living in different cities, on different salaries just living their lives.  Documenting where they spend their money, and where they could have spent their money.

I particularly enjoyed the first diary that I read, in which the writer was a mother, who still was able to eat healthily, while working out and working.  I like how a lot of the diaries discuss food, since food is a big factor in any budget.  I love what I eat in the day videos, so these "diaries" are sort of more grown-up, sophisticated versions.  And I love that the writers are anonymous.  A lot of these women live such busy lives, and still are able to make time for themselves which I find to be very inspiring.

I really should make a point to try to work out at least three times a week, and to stop pushing my workouts to "tomorrow".  Because eventually, "tomorrow" just becomes never.