Thursday, May 25, 2017

What I'm Loving

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Hello all!

Today when I was on LinkedIn to get some information that I needed for a job application, I stumbled upon this online editorial series that I found really intriguing.  It is Refinery29's "Money Diaries" series, and it is just fascinating.  It is basically a diary of different women, living in different cities, on different salaries just living their lives.  Documenting where they spend their money, and where they could have spent their money.

I particularly enjoyed the first diary that I read, in which the writer was a mother, who still was able to eat healthily, while working out and working.  I like how a lot of the diaries discuss food, since food is a big factor in any budget.  I love what I eat in the day videos, so these "diaries" are sort of more grown-up, sophisticated versions.  And I love that the writers are anonymous.  A lot of these women live such busy lives, and still are able to make time for themselves which I find to be very inspiring.

I really should make a point to try to work out at least three times a week, and to stop pushing my workouts to "tomorrow".  Because eventually, "tomorrow" just becomes never.



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