About Me

Emily at Christmas time, taken by her brother(surprisingly)
Emily, the creator of Glittery and Glam(formerly known as Marshmallows and Sparkles) got her start in sunny Los Angeles, California, in 2012.  Influenced by her best friend's blog, the pink punch, that no longer exists, she created her own blog with a big vision in mind.  Emily had periods of ignorance towards her blog, and did not start to consistently post until July 2015.  She stopped consistently posting mid August, and in October relaunched Glittery and Glam as a college journey + lifestyle blog.  She refers to her lifestyle blog as exG&G.  Today Emily posts sparaticly, ranging in topics.

Emily is currently a rising sophomore at UC Berkeley.  Her role models are Elle Woods and Blair Waldorf.  She is currently obsessed with Heathers: The Musical, although Legally Blonde: The Musical will always hold a special place in her heart.

Emily has absolutely no writing credentials and has taken absolutely no classes in blogging.  For any mistakes she apologizes in advance for, and appreciates any feedback.

GG(well that worked out suprisingly well)

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