Monday, July 6, 2015

The Glitter On : Elle Woods

I was browsing around on my newly transformed blog, when i decided to search "elle", and i was devastated to see "no results on this blog".  Which inspired me to take the time to right a much deserved post on the Queen herself, Elle Woods.

Elle Woods.  Originated by Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde(the movie in 2001).
Actually Amanda Brown created her in her Book Legally Blonde, but Reese was the first to actually portray her.

Reese Witherspoon portraying Elle in Legally Blonde, here Elle looks at her Harvard Dorm complex.

Moving along to where my obsession began, Legally Blonde-The Musical, go watch it here right now if you haven't seen it, it will change your life.

Laura Bell Bundy portrays Elle in the musical, and does a killer job at least in my mind.

Laura Bell Bundy as Elle with Elle's dog Bruiser

LBB brings all of Elle's greatest qualities to the Broadway stage, or did, it's not on Broadway anymore, but they so totally should bring it back.
 Now please enjoy these images of LBB starring as Elle on Broadway.
The Opening Number "Omigod You Guys"

"What You Want"


I realized that I still need to actually talk about Elle Woods so there's only a few more pics.

"Legally Blonde Remix"

Or one.  Btw I totally bought the entire album.  And you can see this image on my phone far too many times.
The Album art for the Legally Blonde - The Musical Soundtrack

Oh yes, the glitter on Elle Woods.

Elle woods is my role model, my hero, my savior.  When i really needed to study for my AP Art History Exam this year I made the following image my screensaver, to remind myself that Elle Woods would study, because she is a determined person who never gives us.

Elle Woods' desk area in Legally Blonde - Red, White, and Blonde

A good decision, yes a good decision on my part, I studied my butt off for that exam.  Here's the link if you need some extra study motivation as well.

Elle Woods is also positive.  She lets a lot of things just bounce off her chest, and not get to her.  And she is rarely mean to others.

Most importantly she keeps true to herself.  Oh, what an amazing woman.

So if you ever feel like you have dug a hole for yourself, just think to yourself what would Elle do? And then take it to the top.  With a smile on your face and your head held high! Oh and pink! Lots of pink.  Not tangerine, because whoever said tangerine was the new pink, was seriously disturbed ;).

Oh my, what a comeback post.  I hope you love Elle as much as I do, because she deserves all the love and admiration she has.  I will now try to post good content on my blog throughout the summer. So until then, snaps to you!



Btw, I'm totally going to name my kids after Legally Blonde characters, let's just face it.

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