Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer 2015!!!

Hi Everyone,
I remember that this blog existed while creating fun things on fun, btw) and realized that I haven't posted in like half a year.  Since during the summer I have a lot more free time, I am going to try to dedicate more of it to this blog.  I also hope to give the blog another makeover soon.

If you are just craving more fun and pretty stuff check out my tumblr :  It's titled "The Glitterati" because "Glittery and Glam" didn't look good with the theme.  Glitterati actually means celebrity, and really has no correlation to glitter, sadly.  Unlike this blog, i have been pretty dedicated to my tumblr lately, trying to reblog things on the daily.

Anyways this post is titled "Summer 2015!!!", so on to talk about the fun summer.  Summer should be a time to relax and just have fun.  Unfortunately, i am bombarded with summer hw, SAT's, driver's ed, and college applications.  But no harm, if i just manage to finish everything this should be a fun summer.  So here's my guide to a fun, but manageable summer.

Summer Do's
Watch things you need to watch on youtubenetflix, and TV channels(online streaming).
Do your summer homework, like before summer ends.
Read stuff you actually want to read.
Do creative stuff like maintain your blog.
Crafts & DIY's.
Picnics at the Park and Beach.
Fresh Peach Pie.
Homemade Lemonade.
Catch up on shopping.
Get cute school supplies to motivate yourself for the upcoming school year.
Obtain a driver's permit, so you can start learning to drive.
Try out new forms of excersise.
Maintain excersise forms.
Be a camp counselor(if you have too much energy, seriously its exhausting).
Sleepovers and Movie Nights(Hello! Its summer.)
Clean and Organize your room (can be fun, so make it fun)
Practice what you are supposed to practice.
Bake and Try out new recipes.
Study stuff you want to study.
Tumblr and Pinterest!!! (it works your brain, swearsies)

Summer Don'ts
Spend all summer watching videos online.
Leave all summer hw to the night before or last week.
Become a hermit.
Start a weird sleep cycle(you do eventually have to go back to school)
Daily Pool and Beach Trips(you do still have work to do)
Totally say goodbye to fruits and vegetables(summer fruits are too yummy)
Store-bought everything (come on people, make it yourself, trust me, so much better)

That's an abbreviated version.  Anyways go and have yourself the best summer ever.


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Summer Study Block?
Follow theorganisedstudent on tumblr!! btw LOVE her printables!!!

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Join an Acadeca Team. You won't be bored with nothing to do for long...

Picture Pic of the Day (new thing i literally just started)

Its just so pretty and peaceful looking.  Btw, this came from tumblr so I have no idea who to give photo creds to, but I guess I will just provide the source : tkkatherineblog.  Btw, I will do that for all my picture pics of the day.

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