Monday, July 6, 2015

Blog Transformation, Take 2?

Hi Everyone,
I could not be more pleased with the new layout and look to my blog.  I love it!  I feel like it really suits me, and represents me well.  There are still a few small things that i might change, like edit the post title colors or something of that sort.  But all the major work is done.

As you can see I changed a few colors and fonts, and added a sparkly background to the top.  I also added some fun things to the right side.  There you will now be able to find links to my favorite websites and stores of the moment(the idea is that i will change them periodically).  There are also handy dandy little gadgets if you ever feel like subscribing or getting email updates to my posts.  I also hope to add in some fun and pretty pictures to the right side bar as well.

I could not be happier with how well, and smoothly the whole transformation and transition went.  I always go in without a vision, and i always somehow end up with something I love.  Hopefully it will stay that way.  I promise good content coming soon.


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