Friday, July 17, 2015

Flashback Friday

Hey hey hey,
I came up with a name for this series, "Flashback Friday", it is of course temporary, but until I figure out a good name for this series, "Flashback Friday it is."
Update 7/23/15: I named the series Friday Folio eventually.

This week I have been volunteering at VBS everyday, and it has been so fun to work with all the little kiddies.  Fortunately it is only half-day, so I can come home in the afternoon and write blog posts for the following day.  I hope to have a restful week next week, before I head out to Michigan for National Showcase.  I will need to really work ahead, in order for me to continually put up blog posts when I'm gone.  I hope you all have had a wonderful week, and have a wonderful weekend!

Here are my favorite Tumblr pictures of this week.

wall covered in flowers, Tumblr Source: sugarinteriora

pretty palm leaves. Tumblr Source: airows

beautiful island oasis, Tumblr Source:

stone and wood staircase leading down to the ocean, Tumblr Source: clublilllies

a variety of pretty pastel necklaces and bracelets, Tumblr Source:



Picture Pic of the Day
a beautiful shot of perhaps Venice, Tumblr Source: wwworldandwords

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