Thursday, July 23, 2015

Talking Thursday!

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Today I wanted to try something different and just write about whatever, in no particular order of sorts.  I am currently in a good mood, because I finished the first part of my Physics homework, and i have finished both math and government.  I have yet to start on english and I will very soon.  I want to bedazzle my dress today, because the competition is next week(figure skating competition).  I have never bedazzled my dress before, so this shall be interesting.  I am sort of having a writer's block, because I feel overwhelmed with all the content I need to create before I leave, in order to keep posts going up every weekday.

I really want to add a drop-down menu on my blog, so I have been looking into it and it is definitely harder than I thought it was.  I think I will attempt to put one in as soon as I have enough time to really dedicate to getting one up.
Update 7/23/15: I have added what I thought was a dropdown menu, after doing a little research I realized that it was actually quite simple.

My Tumblr is getting better, I think.  I have realized that I really like flowers.

I have to start doing college applications very soon, and it sort of scares me to think that I might be going off to college in just a year.  I might do a college applications and prep series, once deadlines start coming.  I could like document my whole journey, and it might be fun to look back on later.  I was also considering doing a back-to-school/high school tips series.  All are just currently ideas, and none of them have been produced.

Academic decathlon is starting to really freak me out.  It is definitely one of those things that are easier said than done.  I think taking baby steps, would be the best way to go.

I really want to make this blog successful, and better.  I will learn by my mistakes, and time will tell it's tale.  I want to provide the best content, that is easy to read and interesting.  I also want to make my blog more visually appealing.  So many possibilities for the future!



Picture Pic of the Day
Pretty and fresh flowers, Tumblr Source: cestvibe

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