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Advice for Going into High School: Freshman

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So today I wanted to try something different and write an advice column of sorts, so here it is.

A incoming Freshman's Guide to High School:

Prep before the first day:
Get your schedule if possible.  Go online and find a map of the school, map out your day.  This will make you feel more prepared and less worried of getting lost. Contact friends and plan to meet at free periods.

First Day:
Do not be nervous, it's not as hard as you think.
Don't be afraid to ask for directions of you get lost, most likely the person will be very understanding, they were once in your exact same situation.
Don't be worried if you are late to a class, teachers are very understanding the first week, everyone is trying to navigate the school and their new schedules.

First Semester:
Join lots of clubs and look into extracurricular.  Most people recruit at the beginning of the school year, and sometimes close their doors second semester.  
You will have the most time freshman year, so do anything you need to do now.  For example, health is only required for one semester in my school district, and you can fulfill it by taking a seven week take-home packet class.  Take stuff like that first semester freshman year!
Also it's never to early to start prepping for the SAT and ACT.  You'll thank me later if you do.  
Also this is a wonderful time to start drivers Ed and work on your license.

The First Year in general:  
Do your homework, and begin to develop good study habits.  
Get as much sleep as you can and savour it.  
Do not go in with the mindset that freshman year doesn't matter, because it does.  It sets you up for your other three years.  Some colleges even look at freshman year grades.  Two of my friends cannot apply to those schools because they messed up freshman year.

Most importantly remember that you only have one high school experience, so make it a good one.  
Go to homecoming and the dance, be involved, have a little bit of fun.  And most importantly do what makes you happy, and what's gonna make you happy.
Are the "popular" kids going to help you get into college?  
Is not doing your homework going to result in a good experience with your parents?
This is your life and your future, don't give up to peer pressure, use common sense and do what's right.



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