Saturday, June 22, 2013


I decided to answer a few questions that may be asked in the future.

Q: what is

A: I created this blog to write about things I love and to keep sort of like a record of my high school years.

Q: Who is in the team?

A: Me.  I had originally planned to work on this blog with many people but I don't think that's going to happen.  So don't expect to see a lot of posts from "the team".

Q: Does marshmallowsandsparkles mean anything?
A: Not really.  This blog is about things I love, so I decided to name it after the 2 things that I love most.

If you have any questions simply comment below my first post.

xoxo Emily

Favorites of The Month:June 2k13

Hi!  June is almost over :( it went so fast. Now for my favorites of the month.

Food:Macaroni and Cheese
-I was on vacation for the past 2 weeks and I swear I ate so much Mac and Cheese.

Sweet:The Classic Vanilla Ice-Cream
-I fell back in love with a classic!

Clothing Item:Stem Shirts
-I lived in these this month!  They are so soft and comfortable but they look like a normal shirt.

Beauty Item:EOS lip balm
-I was on the road for most of the trip so lip balm is alot more convenient than lip butters are.  The EOS lip balms are amazing!

-I didn't really wear any jewelry this month!  But I think I wore this ring twice, but I love it!

Scent:The smell of my house
-When I opened the door to my house after my vacation I fell in love with it!  I have never really appreciated the nice smell of my house but now I definitely do.

-I live in flip-flops during the summer and I love these simple brown ones, they're so comfy!

Nail Polish:Essie's Camera
-It's a super neon pink, it just screams summer!

App:Bakery Story
-Before I went on vacation and during finals week, I was addicted to this game. Which was not a good thing considering Bakery Story can be a very time consuming game.  If you have a bakery please leave your user name in the comments I would love to be neighbors with you!

Blog:Cupcakes and Cashmere
-This is my all-time favorite blog ever.  I didn't have alot a free time this month so I didn't really search for new blogs.

YouTube Channel:???
-it's a mixture, I have been liking stilababe09, Elle Fowler, and macbarbie07.

-its definitely one of the simpler trends, and I like that.

Inspirational Phrase:Young, Wild, and Free
-I think that as a younger person I should be more crazy in what I choose to do, I feel like I have this certain freedom right now that might go away.

What were your favorites of the month?
xoxo Emily

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xoxo Emily

Summer 2013 Top Ten

Every summer I always want to do something, but I never end up doing it.  For example, last summer, last summer I wanted to organize my room, but I didn't because I had too much homework.  So my goal for this summer is to accomplish all of the things on my top ten list.

My Summer Top Ten:
 1. Read 3 books (at least) *
 2. Have a lemonade stand **
 3. Go to Disneyland
 4. Have a do nothing day
 5. Maintain a healthy diet and workout
 6. Drink Water
 7. Try out some new products
 8. Keep in touch with friends
 9. Go to the Beach
10. Go shopping with Lily***  
Note 7/23/15: I found this to be enough like a lust list to be in the "Lust List" category of posts.

* I've recently joined GoodReads, and I really like it.  It's a great site to find a good book to read.

** I saw in a menu once, that there was this organization that sent you stuff to have a lemonade stand (except the actual lemonade) and then you could send back everything and the money that you raised and it is helps children with cancer!
***Lily is one of my very good friends I promised her that I would go shopping with her during the school year.

I hope you liked this post!  What's your top ten summer list? 
xoxo Emily

Why Hello There

What a perfect time to write a blog post.  So it's 1:36 am right now and I can't sleep.  I don't know why, I really don't.  I am writing something to read to my friends tomorrow and I think that I am also going to post it here.  Anyways, I have just come back from a 2-week vacation.  My family and I went through Oregon and Washington and back.  My birthday is coming up and I'm super excited.  I want to do something, like something that actually is something.  I want to like start something.  Maybe I will finally start a style blog like I have wanted to for years.  Or maybe I'll start a food blog or maybe something different. Something that has never been done before.  I will write a summer top ten soon probably in a few minutes actually.  Anyways, my mind isn't thinking of anything else so bye.
xoxo Emily
The picture above was taken by me at the grove of the patriots in Mount Rainer in Washington.