Monday, June 5, 2017

My Summer Plans

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I know that a lot of schools are still in session, but I have been on break as of three weeks ago.  Unfortunately, on my first week of break I came down with the flu and was stuck in bed.  Last summer break I didn't really do much, my "plans" were not that substantial, you can read about some of them here.  Hopefully my summer plans this year will be more beneficial to me.

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I am super excited for being able to travel to Melbourne, Australia this summer! When this post is posted I should hopefully be in Melbourne already.  I am super excited to be traveling to a city this year, as opposed to a national park(see here).  I do not know that much about Australian culture, but I am excited to be immersed in it.  I will hopefully be able to see some kangaroos and koala bears.

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For the first time ever, I will be attending summer school.  I am going to take a class at my local community college that covers a breadth(basically a general elective requirement at Berkeley).  I debated throughout the year on which class to take and I settled on intro to nutritional science(fulfills biological science).  I have never taken a class over the summer before, so this should be interesting.

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I hope to continue to deep-clean my room this summer(something I could have been doing the past two weeks).  I also hope to further some of the technical skills that I acquired whilst in a business association this past semester(e.g. excel, photoshop, lightroom).  I also want to get back onto the fitness train, with a goal of working out at least three times a week.  I tried doing a ballet beautiful video yesterday, and I really felt the burn so I stopped because I did not want to be super sore for the plane ride.  However, when I woke up this morning is was still sore.  I also am going to be going to the ice rink more consistently this summer, probably 2+ times a week for me.  I went this morning and could really feel the affects of not going for a month and a half.

Hopefully everything goes to plan!



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