Thursday, June 1, 2017

5 Trendy LA Places to Eat(& Instagram) at

See 5 for this location, Tumblr Source: minimalclassy, Instagram Source: majamalnar

LA is full of places that you are likely to see all over your Instagram feed and Tumblr.  I usually do not go to these places unless they are supposed to have amazing food as well.  Here are some very trendy places in LA that you can capture a fabulous picture for your Instagram, as well as grab a bite to eat (or food to pose with).

1. Urth CaffĂ© (multiple locations)
Pretty fruit platter and margarita pizza, Instagram Source: niamhnelsonn
The infamous blended green tea boba, Tumblr Source: past-waves
Urth CaffĂ© can be found all over Instagram and Tumblr.  Kylie Jenner used to frequent Urth, and their  boba and lattes have likely been seen by everyone.  I like Urth because they have a large assortment of food as well as pastries, and they have a good selection of coffees and teas.  You can either order for there or to go, and they have locations all over the city.  I usually go to the one in Santa Monica on Main Street, because it's close to shops, Third Street Promenade, and the ocean.  It is a very popular brunch spot.

Try: Their green tea boba blended(you can also choose soy or almond milk if you'd like), pizzas(wide array to choose from), paninis, or salads.

2.Pressed Juicery (Multiple Locations)
A Pressed Juice Freeze, Instagram Source: jennyvieiras
One of their special Vogue collaboration lemonades, Instagram Source: themindfulchef
I feel like Pressed Juicery is an LA staple.  If you want to try some over-priced juice or one of their juice freezes you should definitely visit.  Although there are locations all over the country, there is something special about going to a get a juice in LA.

Try: A customizable juice freeze or one of their many juices.

3. Lemonade (Multiple Locations)
An assortment of foods and lemonades, Instagram Source: ariofcourse
Presumably cucumber mint lemonade at the Venice location, Instagram Source: saratoufali
Although there are multiple locations, I recommend checking out the one on Abbot Kinney—I believe it's the biggest, with more seating and a larger menu and assortment of food.  They have a large variety of lemonades, all of which you can combine with iced tea to make an arnold palmer.  It is cafeteria style, and you can always ask to sample virtually anything.  They have a great assortment of healthy seasonal foods, as well as more indulgent ones like their mac and cheese and their huge macaroons.

Try: Their cucumber mint lemonade, mac and cheese(they also have a truffle version), and watermelon radish salad.

4. California Donuts (Koreatown)
Instagram Source: hungrygirl325
Instagram Source: dolkii
California Donuts is the literal definition of Instagram famous donuts.  Their panda donuts are so cute, and they are filled with cookies and creme filling.  Buzzfeed shot part of one of their videos here, Shane Dawson did a taste test, the donuts are featured in MyLifeAsEva's viral music video, these donuts are everywhere.  Before I went I researched a little bit about the place(mainly to figure out where exactly the donut shop was located) and I read that this place gets crazy crowded at night(it's open 24 hours).  I was a little apprehensive about going with my mom(because of the crazy lines), but when we went at around 2pm on a weekday the line was not bad at all.  My favorite was the cronut with banana and nutella.

Try: The cookies and cream panda donut, snickers bar donut(with an actual snickers bar inside), blueberry crunch donut(has cinnamon toast crunch cereal on top of it), and maple bacon donut.  If you want to take a nice Instagram you can also get a cereal topped one, but for eating I recommend others.

5. Sprinkles Cupcake ATM
Instagram Source: sarahappherself
Instagram Source: lanablakely
Instagram Source: suzzieq__
So Sprinkles Cupcakes has many location all over the US, but in Beverly Hills there is not only a Sprinkles Cupcakes, but also a Sprinkles Ice Cream and Cupcake ATM all right next to each other!  So many Instagram possibilities...  Sprinkles Ice Cream offers a Sprinkles Sundae(pictured above) which is a scoop of ice cream between a cupcake top and bottom.  Sprinkles is actually the first-ever cupcake shop, and their selection varies daily but they have their cupcake schedule on their website.

Try: A cupcake from the first ever Cupcake ATM, a Sprinkles Sundae, red velvet waffle cone, or a red velvet cupcake.



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Such a pretty flower market, Tumblr Source: birkinsandbaseball

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