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Living in LA: My Favorite Resturants

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Last week I shared with you my top picks for trendy and Instagram-friendly places to visit in LA(you can view the post here).  This week, I would like to share with you my personal favorite restaurants in LA.  There is such a wide variety of cuisine in Los Angeles that I often take for granted.  It's not until I travel to places that are not as urban as LA that I really miss the diversity in food.  For example, Yellowstone literally only had burgers, I did not want to see another burger for a month.  My family and I actually drove an hour away for a change in food.  That being said there are so many different restaurants to choose from, here are some of my favorites.

1. Sakura
nigiri sushi assortment and edamame | Instagram Source: sway_ade
I have been coming to this restaurant for as long as I can remember.  As a child this was the only Japanese restaurant I ever went to.  For the longest time I have been ordering the tenzaru which is soba noodles with an assortment of tempura.  They also have amazing sashimi and sushi, one of my favorites is the unagi (fresh water eel).  I highly recommend this place; however, be wary, for this place is always crowded.  I believe it's less crowded at lunch, but unless you plan to come right when Sakura opens for dinner, prepare to wait for a table.

Try: the tenzaru, unagi nigiri sushi, udon, dynamite scallop

2. Pitfire Artisan Pizza(Multiple Locations)
Hail Kale and Margarita Pizzas admist other dishes | Instagram Source: pitfirepizza
I believe I first came here for a school fundraiser, and I have been coming back ever since.  They have really unique pizzas, great salads, and a large assortment of drinks.  I used to get the white pie but they don't have that on their menu anymore.  Usually I'll get the burrata with vegan cheese and no pesto.  Before I started to consciously eat more vegan I also got the big sur, margarita, and pesto chicken pizzas. Their mac and cheese is also very good.

Try: the burrata, steak salad, smothered cookie, and arnold palmer(you can choose the lemonade and the tea)

3. Louise's Trattoria(Multiple Locations)
Pomodoro(I believe) | Instagram Source: amikaf16
I think I first came here after my brother's class had a field trip here to see how pizza is made.  They have really good pizzas, pastas, and salads.  I really enjoy their chopped salad because they really do chop everything up and you do not have to use a knife(which I appreciate).  I also really enjoy their focaccia bread which they bring to your table with oil, vinegar, and herbs, it's so good.  The last time that I was here my mom got the sea bass that came with pasta in marinara sauce, but that might have been a special.

Try: their chopped salad, margarita pizza(or your preference, mine was always margarita), and their tiramisu

4. My Juice Spot
A Green Juice | Instagram Source:
Really good smoothies and acai bowls.  I love how they use mainly fresh ingredients, unlike some other smoothie places(I'm looking at you caldining Freshens smoothies, which BTW I highly do not recommend).  They have my favorite green smoothie, the mighty kale, which I occasionally get with coconut water instead of apple juice.  Into this green smoothie they put actual greens(kale and spinach) opposed to a powdered mix(can you tell I'm still really upset by the smoothies the on campus eateries offered).  Their acai bowls are also really good, and I appreciate that they use almond milk.

Try: their mighty kale smoothie or acai bowl

5.Kay n' Daves(Multiple Locations)
Beautifully plated dessert(sorry I can't quite tell what it is) | Instagram Source: thedailyjenny
I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I think that I've ordered the grilled chicken on the kids menu here the most(mind you that this a Mexican restaurant).  I also almost always ordered the tres leches cake for dessert, it is so good.  The last few times I have been here it hasn't been on the menu, but we've asked and they have still had it(is it possibly a secret menu item?).  I really like their veggie taco as well, the vegetables are really well seasoned.  My parents say that they also make good drinks, I can vouch for their shirley temples.

Try: their chicken mole oaxaqueno, squash blossom chile relleno, and tres leches cake(fingers-crossed that they still serve it)

Hopefully you will be able to visit one of my favorites if you ever find yourself in Los Angeles.  I am hoping to eventually compile a food diary because those are one of my favorite posts to read—reading about what people consume in a week is just so intriguing to me.



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