Monday, July 22, 2013

What is my summer like?

Well it is obviously the summer of a dream.  I mean just look at the list of things I have done!

• Gone on a 2-week road trip to the most boring places in the world
•Gone to music camp! Yay!

•Read Confessions of a Shopaholic! yay!

•Finished my mandarin homework yay!

•Finished more than half of the most boring book in the world, Marco Polo, and btw I do not recommend reading it

•Worked on math homework (whoopie)

•Read one page of my summer reading assignment (hooray!)

• Procrastinated on writing a book report
• Went to a week of skating camp 

• Volunteered at VBS

• Went to the Nordstrom anniversary sale and got a lot of fall clothes. Yay!

and drumroll...
• Have never gone a day without being told to do my homework

So as you can tell from above, I have been having the most ideal summer I could ask for.  For those of you who have not caught on to how sarcastic I am being right now, I'm just going to tell you : sarcasm.  Here is my list of things that I would have rather done.

•Slept in everyday and have a latte and oatmeal

• Gone to the beach and relaxed
• Gone on a SUMMER vacation to fun places!

•Had done more shopping!

• Spent time with my besties (Mellia, Lily, &Andrew)

• Cleanteth my room and organized 
• Done DIY projects
• Worked out w/ Lily 
•I still love the Nordstrom sale!

Yeah that's my actual ideal summer.  Anyways I hope you enjoyed that and all and I guess I will write to you guys soon. 
❤ Emily

Notes: My family went to many national parks this summer on our vacation.  Let me just tell you, I hate national parks.  I am also not in summer school, my school just likes to torture it's students by giving them loads of homework over the summer.   The full title of Marco Polo, is Marco Polo : From Venice to Xandau.  I went to Arrowbear Music Camp, which is located between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear.  I attended the Choral session. Mandarin is one of the many languages spoken in China and Taiwan, as well as other places.

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