Friday, July 5, 2013


Hi!  So I have been working on a lot of projects lately, one being my summer homework unfortunately.  Anyways I plan to create a new blog with more interesting posts and stuff.  I plan to post every weekend and some occasional other times.  I still will keep this blog up of course, but it will turn into a diary like blog.  I won't write a lot on here once I create a new blog but I will not delete this blog.  Now for the big news!  I created a Facebook group called "The Sparkly Unicorn Association" it has an Eiffel Tower symbol.  Though the group is closed, to join simply "join" the group and it will send me the request.  Then I will message you (although this all happening is unlikely but hey a girl can dream) and then you will respond with the magic word "fairy dreamer".  Then I will know that you read my blog so you can join!  I will post frequently in the group! if you guys have any ideas for a new blog name I would love to know it!  So would you pretty please leave it in the comments below?  Thank you so much! So yeah that is all for right now and I hope I will post very soon!

xoxo Emily

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  1. Emily the group is supposed to be a secret -.-