Saturday, December 5, 2015

Staying Motivated Until Those Decisions Start Coming In

Tumblr Source: enjoycolorfullife
Hello Everyone!

In my school district the semester ends right before winter break, which means finals are coming up!

Although it's hard to stay motivated to try in school and do well, we must stay motivated until we graduate really.  Here are some tips that have been helping me stay optimistic and motivated until I start receiving college decisions.

Motivation Tips by Glittery And Glam
- Play music, I love Christmas and Holiday Music.  Here's my fave Christmas music playlist that i created: Spotify
- Make pretty notes, there;s tons of inspiration on Tumblr: theorganisedstudent & printables!
- Make goal for last week was to finish watching the first episode of Scream Queens
-Study with friends and Starbucks!!! Gotta get those iced tall vanilla soy lattes and mozzarella and tomato paninis!!!
-College Confidential????(ummm only if you are a very strong and secure person)
-Some acceptances come early so don't worry you won't have to wait long
-Finish Common App Applications, which reminds me...

<3 Cheers!


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