Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Recommended AP Prep Books

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Firstly, Happy 2016!
And, oops I have not posted in so long.  But do not fear I have a great post right now!

So I was researching prep books for my AP exams this year when I realized that I have used AP prep books, and wanted to share them with you.

Also check out the schedule for the AP exams this year.  Better to freak out now, rather than later.  Unfortunately for me, I am taking four AP exams this year and they are in clumps.  I have two one after the other the first week, and vice-versa the second week.

Anyways, here's my list of experience.

Sophomore Year:
I took one AP: AP World History.  And unfortunately I got sick the week of the test, and on top of that was staying way too late after school to do run-throughs of the musical I was in that year.
I ordered the Princeton Review 2014 edition because my teacher recommended it.  
I recommend that you look else where for advice on this one.

Junior Year:
I took three AP's: Art History, AP US History, and AP English Language & Composition.

Art History
I understand that they changed the test this year so that students only have to study 250 specific images, opposed to the oh you should probably learn around 500.  So I can give no advice for the new test, but I can tell you that I found the Barron's Prep Book to be very helpful.

US History
Last year was the first year of a new format.  Unfortunately the AP US History test was the day after the Art History test, and I felt way more comfortable with APUSH, so I mainly studied for Art History.  However, the week before I had my APUSH final which was an old APUSH practice test, and for that I read this.  (sorry I couldn't find I better link, my APUSH teacher had sent everyone the file).  It's a good overview of everything, and helps to jog your memory.

English Language & Composition
This was my last exam.  I had taken multiple practice and mock tests, and I felt that my teacher had prepped us pretty well.  So I just read a little bit of the Princeton Review and CliffsAP to help me more with the reading section.  I would probably refer to college confidential for a better review of the two books.

I hope this helped you in some way or another.



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