Saturday, October 10, 2015

Introducing the new Glittery and Glam!!!


I am ecstatic to relaunch Glittery and Glam.

There are so many new cool features to my blog, as well as major changes.  A makeover always helps to revitalize a blog, but the makeover had a different purpose.  I am going to make this blog and college journey and lifestyle blog.  I am so excited to blog my entire college journey from deciding where to apply to, all the way up to starting college!  I invite you to join my on this once in a lifetime journey, literally!

You will notice that I have taken away tabs and added new ones!  Student Profile is literally my student profile, if you are curious to know what I'm applying with you can see there.  I also have added Quick Info, a page that will update you quickly on what step of my college journey I am on.  Lust Lists and Friday Folio are gone, because I am completely transforming my blog.  Because exGlittery and Glam had many posts, I will not delete anything from it.  It will show up in archive, and on the home page.  If you want to read purely exGlittery and Glam, you can visit the exG&G tab.

My last important change is that I am now going to post every weekend, Saturdays and Sundays.  The posts should go up at 1am PST, but there might be bonus posts throughout the week!  First post will go up tomorrow!

I look forward for what's to come with Glittery and Glam.

Yours Truly, 


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