Saturday, March 12, 2016

Excitement bundled up in joy


On Friday I received great news, I got into two schools!  Here's the story...

It was pouring(very rare in LA), and I had heard the day before that San Diego Decisions were rumored to come out that day, along with Davis(which was confirmed).  I had also heard speculations that Davis was going to update all of their portals at 2:24 or 3 PST.  So, of course I checked my portal exactly at 2:45 to nothing.  Mind you prior to this I had realized that I had forgotten my passphrase for the Davis portal, and had frantically created a new passphrase during a lunch meeting.

I forced myself to wait until 3 to check again, and to no avail, the portal just said pending.  I had a meeting after school, for a club I was leaving(because my term had ended, and the season started early), and as soon as I walked into that classroom I frantically tried to check my portal.  Unfortunately I only had 4G, and 4G on my phone is very bad.  So like a crazy person I stamped around the room waiting for the portal to load, while intermittently asking if anyone had LTE on their phone.  When I finally got the page to load I saw that I was admitted and I started to both scream and jump up and down all over the place, while everyone else looked at me like I was crazy, which maybe I am.

So, I got into UC Davis!  And I was also invited to participate in their University Honors Program.

After I gave my farewell address, I had a ton of free time, so I decided to look on College Confidential to see if San Diego decisions had indeed come out.  And they did!  So i frantically tried to log into my portal, unfortunately a bad connection mixed with a site that's about to crash is not a good combination.  After multiple attempts of logging in and reloads, I loudly gasped as I read that I had gotten in.  My reaction was more understandably not as extravagant given the situations.  I was sitting in a desk, and I had ten minutes prior to this learned that I had been accepted into Davis.  Compared to my frantic pacing into an out of the classroom when I saw my UC Davis decision.

So yeah, I got into UC San Diego!
Also both of my parents were so surprised when they heard that I got into UC San Diego, note they totally did not think that I had any chance at UC San Diego.

So yeah, Friday was a good day for me.  But now I am so conflicted!  Davis and San Diego are both high up on my list for preferred colleges, and at this point are about equal.  There's a high chance that my decision will most likely come down to those two colleges(of course I really won't know until I hear back from all of my colleges).  And I will not be certain until I hear back from the rest of my colleges(other UC's and UMich).  Anyways I am planning trips to both campuses, most notably Davis, since San Diego is only a 2-hour drive from where I am.  I definitely want to visit both before I make my final decisions, which is a REALLY big decision, just like the bee that Emily(one of the twins from the current season of the Bachelor(Ben)) saw was a REALLY yellow bee, this is a REALLY big decision, that will really affect my life in such a huge way, which is so crazy to think about.

Anyways, congrats to everyone that was also admitted to UC Davis and San Diego! And if you were waitlisted or denied just know that you are not defined by what schools you get into, rather by your character and treatment of others.



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