Friday, April 8, 2016

So What Now?

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Oops I haven't posted for like a month.  Note on the last post I meant to post it awhile ago but I forgot, my bad.

So, I have also been admitted to UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, and University of Michigan- Ann Arbour.  So I miraculously go into all the schools I applied to, who would have thought.  I am extremely grateful for this situation and I am still in shock.

So what now?  It's come down to UCLA and UC Berkeley(yes I changed my mind).  I have been leaning towards Berkeley for awhile now, so I think I might go to Berkeley!

I'll let you all now when I submit my SIR and commit!  And then this whirlwind journey will finally end.  Well unless I decide to document my adventures in college as well, hmm I'll take note of that.


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