Monday, April 4, 2016

What Like its hard?

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So in my last post I mentioned that I was anxiously waiting for UCLA decisions to come out, and although they did not come out at exactly 5, they came out very soon after.

And I am excited to share that I have been admitted to UCLA, which is crazy.  And although I did record my reaction of this, it's really embarassing so I might not release it.  Half of it is me trying to figure out how to log into the portal!

My mother has been the most supportive through this whole process.  In November when I was submitting applications she considered not allowing me to apply to schools like UCLA, UC San Diego, and Berkely because she thought I had no chance of getting in.  And although the later does not release decisions until Thursday, I got into both of the former(is that even proper English?).  When I revealed to my mother that I had been accepted to UC San Diego she was shocked.  And when I told her that I had been accepted to UCLA she told my that their admission policies and procedures must have changed.  #supportive

So now my list has increased, as of right now I am considering UC Davis, UC San Diego, and UCLA.

I will be visting all three on their according admitted student days, and then will shortly after making my decision, hopefully.  



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