Friday, April 8, 2016

My visit to UC Berkeley and UC Davis Decision Day

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Finally a post that's going up the same day that I write it!

So last week I visited both Berkeley and Davis.  We had initially planned to visit Davis on Friday and Saturday since Saturday was Decision Day and I wanted to tour the campus when students were there.  But then I got into Berkeley, so we decided to add on to the trip since we were already going up north.
walking around campus and I thought this was all really pretty

We visited Berkeley on Thursday attended an admitted students presentation and took a tour.  We also walked around Berkeley a little bit and ate at one of the dinning halls.  I also had to stop by at the student store to get a jacket for my friend.

lunch at Crossroads Dinning Common- Tofu Vermicelli Bowl
And then we left Berkeley and headed up to Davis.

accidentally took a picture of the grass at Davis (ft. my shoe)
We first got dinner in Downtown Davis at Dumpling House, and the dumplings were so good you guys, highly recommend.  And then we met up with my friend that currently attends Davis, and she gave me a tour of her dorm and we talked for a bit.  The next day we took a tour of the campus, and attempted to find at the class that I had made arrangements to sit in.  Unfortunately I was never given a room number for the class so I never ended up going: however, I did run into one of my former classmates in that building.  We then went to the CoHo(student run coffeehouse) and I got black bean tacos and boba.  We went to decision day the following day and headed back home.

I thought this was funny
I ended up really liking Berkeley, it felt a lot different from the last time I was there since it wasn't close to a holiday.  I had remembered Davis being a little more urban than it was, so I think I'm going to go to Berkeley.  Of course, other considerations have been taken, and I will let you all know when I commit.


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