Sunday, July 31, 2016

Blog Relaunch Again?!? Preview tomorrow 12pm PDT

IG: floretflower

So I have decided to relaunch my blog, yet again, so yeah that's exciting.  Since most of my relaunches have been pretty unsuccessful, I have decided to do this one a little differently.  I am going to do a preview of my relaunch tomorrow at 12 noon PDT.  All new content, college journey, lifestyle, the works.  After my preview launches I will see how it goes, and then let you all know if and when I will be relaunching Glittery and Glam.  And always, G&G will always be accessible.  I'm super optimistic about this relaunch and hopefully it will workout in the end.  But as promised in my Instagram post there will be blog content posted this week so watch out for that!

More info will be given in the preview tomorrow, so until then, good night, sweet dreams, and see you at 12pm PDT tomorrow!



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