Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lust List: Handbags

look at that Chanel beauty, breakfast doesn't look bad either, IG: garypeppergirl

Recently I have been looking around at handbags, mainly because I have finally come to accept that my purse is too small.  I went to Nordstrom and Bloomingdales recently, and had much fun looking around the handbag department. Here are some of the bags that I have been lusting after.

The Perfect Summer Bag

Kate Spade cedar street seahorses - small hayden print satchel, Nordstrom $278
I spotted this bag in Nordstrom and instantly fell in love!  It looks as cute on the shelf as it does on your arm.  Of course, this is not the most practical bag to buy, but if you can pull off seahorses year-round you go Glenn Coco!  I think that the solid black version of this bag would be a more practical option, but this bad is just so cute I had to include it in my lust list!

A nice fall piece that can be worn year-round

ALLSAINTS Freedom Slouchy Hobo, Bloomingdales $248
When my mom and I were perusing through all of the handbags in Bloomingdales I saw her trying on this bag, so naturally I wanted to try it on as well.  It is really cute, it's quite large, but the bag itself is not that heavy, so it's good if you have to carry around a lot of stuff.

Preppy School Chic Satchel
Ted Baker London Faux Leather Satchel, Nordstrom $130.90*
Note: Unfortunately this satchel is no longer available, this and this are similar.
I saw this bag online when I was looking at the handbags in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I think it looks super cute, and I love that it can be worn on your shoulder or on your arm.  It also sort of reminds me of the purse Taylor Swift often wears(the black Dolce & Gabbana top handle purse.)  And it's vegan friendly as well!
*after sale(8/8) $219
My Dream Bag

Chloe Marcie Medium Satchel Bag in Blush Nude, Neiman Marcus $1,990
I have been lusting after this bag since I was in 7th grade I think.  I just thought that it was so pretty, and I still think that it is gorgeous.  If I ever was to majorly splurge on a handbag it would be this one.  But that definitely won't be for awhile considering it costs more than a laptop, not to mention that I'm going to be a broke college student for the next few years.

If I Was an Upper East Side Princess

Sakura Rose Birkin, Portero $21,995,  IG: dorothywang
I saw this beauty on Dorothy Wang's instagram and thought, "Wow, I wonder how much that thing costs?"  Sure enough I found my answer in the comments, a cool 22k, well this girl is on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.  But if I was Blair Waldorf or Serena van der Woodsen I would totally get it, I mean it's gorgeous.

So many bags to lust after, so little time...  What bags are you lusting after at the moment?




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  1. Birkin bags will be the death of my bank account one day haha they are so insanely beautiful!
    xx Annie

    1. right? I thought the rose sakura one was absolutely gorgeous! I love your blog, I am actually planning on going vegan when I start college in a few weeks!

  2. Love your picks!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

    1. Thank you! I love your blog, all of the pictures are fantastic!