Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Water(melon) Wednesday

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Yes, I'm bringing back all of the series'.  In this weeks edition of "Water Wednesday" I want to talk about watermelon.  I always associated watermelon with summer, until I learned about Coachella and saw pictures of girls holding up huge slices of watermelon, so now Coachella and watermelon sort of go hand in hand.

only at Coachella..., IG: sam_dameshek
Anyways, my mom got a watermelon a week ago and I cut into it a few days ago and omigod I forgot how good watermelon is.  First of all, I was very proud of myself for cutting into the watermelon without chopping my arm off.  And so what the two halves were totally uneven, the watermelon still tasted amazing.
I chopped up some watermelon for a snack, it was delicious!

Sadly today my mom finished the watermelon, so I am currently watermelon-less, but that's okay she got some mangoes at the store today so I can eat those when they ripen!

I tried so hard and for so long to get a "pretty" shot of the watermelon slices, but ultimately failed.
Watermelons are one of my favorite summer fruits, along with peaches, see how to make a peach sparkling water here, and nectarines.  I also love watermelon juice which can easily be made by throwing a bunch of watermelon into a blender.  It is very refreshing and very summery.

What are your thoughts on watermelon?




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