Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Official Relaunch of Glittery & Glam August 8th!!!

IG: marieinmay

I hope that you all enjoyed the relaunch preview!  I have been working on some new content, and have loads of ideas for new posts, so I'm excited!  Next week Glittery and Glam will officially be relaunching!  New content will be posted starting Monday, as I have decided to keep all of the preview posts posted.  I hope to kick off the relaunch with a full week of posts, and hopefully many weeks to come.

Join me for a journey through all things Glittery and Glam, August 8th!!!  
Like before, posts will go up at 1am PDT every weekday(ideally).

I'm so excited!




Picture Pic of the Day
cactus blooms, Tumblr Source: wildfox

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