Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lust List: Chokers

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Chokers have been trending for a while now, but I have finally jumped the bandwagon.  I was sold when I saw the dainty little ones that look like someone tied a bow around your neck.  I also like the dainty little sparkly ones(see above image).  Here are some of my favorites.

Baublebar "Whitley Choker", IG: shannonyoachum
I love the super delicate and feminine look of the delicate bow, it's so cute!  I sometimes like to just tie a ribbon around my neck to achieve a similar look.

Bow + Bling
Baublebar "Artemis Choker"
This choker is so pretty.  I like how the addition of a crystal floral choker actually makes it look a little bit edgy, but still totally girly!  I love this combination.

Forever 21 "Faux Stone Choker"
This choker is slightly thicker than most, and I love that you can let it rest slightly below your neck.  Sometimes chokers feel like they are choking you.  This is also super cute, I feel like you could wear it year round, even to Coachella!

Leith "Chain & Fringe Ribbon Choker",  Nordstrom
This is super edgy but I love the addition of the overlapping chain and the tassel!  So cute!  The medallions on the ribbon add a little bit of edge and glam.

Tiffany "Heart Tag Toggle Necklace"
I cannot leave out little Miss Woods, Elle.  I love Elle's Tiffany necklace, and although she's not really wearing it like a choker, I feel like you totally could.

What are your thoughts on the choker trend?




Picture Pic of the Day
Tumblr Source: jessica154blog

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